Ability Requirements: 15 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 15 Constitution, (Wisdom no higher than 13).
Prime Requisite: none.
Secondary Requisite: none.
Hit Die: d12 per level until 10th, +4 HP from 11th level on.
Alignment: any non-lawful.
Allowed Races: Half-Orc.
To-hit Progression (Thac0): As Warrior.
Experience Progression: XPro Chart 6.
Saving Throws: As Warrior.

Heroes of this barbarian sub-class are adept at the many skills necessary for survival in the hostile wildernesses of Tyria, Skaanne, Ne’davallar and Daath’dagon. It is mandatory that Southron heroes come from one of those states. Typically they are cave-dwellers, nomads or tribesmen. Only such uncivilized backgrounds can generate the necessary surroundings to produce individuals of the stock from which Southrons are bred. The skills include rapid movement, climbing, use of specific weapons, certain “sixth senses,” and several special abilities.

Southrons are tough and hardy, and recover quickly from damage. A Southron must have strength and constitution scores of no less than 15 each, a dexterity score of 14 or better, a Charisma of no less than 14 and a wisdom score of no greater than 16. A player character Southron can never be dual classed.

Southrons gain a bonus to armor class of -1 for every 2 points of dexterity over 14. This is in addition to the Defensive Adjustment for dexterity given to other classes. In addition, when they are being created Southrons gain a onetime Constitution bonus of +1 hit point per point over 14 in addition to the normal bonus gained per level.

Southrons can be of any non-lawful alignment, but can only be Orc or half-orc. Initially Southrons know only how to speak whatever is their local tongue. A Southron must spend a proficiency to learn how to read and write that language if he desires that skill. A Southron can learn languages according to his intelligence, just as any other character can.

Southrons are tough and hardy fighters, hardened by the savage lands of their birth. They have 10 sided hit dice. They use the normal fighter Thac0 and Saving Throw tables, but have a severe limitation on the weapons they are allowed. Southrons can use any type of armor but may never use a shield. The only weapons the Southron is allowed include: Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Blow Gun, Cestus, Club, Falchion, Hand Axe, Knife, Morningstar, Net, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Short Bow, Spear, Two-handed Sword and War-hammer. Southrons have the following additional bonuses to their saving throws: + 4 to save versus poison, + 3 to save versus paralyzation and petrification, and + 2 to save versus breath weapon.

Special Class Abilities

Animal Handling: The Southron can handle and domesticate wild animals. Usually this is restricted to dogs, but could possibly include animals such as wolves.

Climb Cliffs and Trees: As an effect of growing up in a particularly barbaric area Southrons have a natural ability to climb trees and natural cliffs (or ledges, mountains, etc.). Barbarians may apply this ability to climbing rough walls made of interlocking bricks or stones once they have had the opportunity to practice scaling that particular type of surface (with a -50% penalty) but this ability will always carry a -25% penalty. Unlike the thief’s ability a Southrons climb statistic is not modified by Dexterity but it is modified for armor type, race and the Climb primary ability.

Leaping and Springing: Southrons are able to leap up to a maximum distance of 10 feet forward, 3 feet backward, or 3 feet upward from a standing start. If the Southron is able to move freely and get a running start, the forward leap can range from 16-21 feet (d6+15), and the upward or backward leap from 5 to 8 feet (d4+4).

Long Distance Signaling: The Southron is capable of using the signaling methods of his native land (including such things as drums, smoke, or mirror flashes) to communicate over long distances. He is also able to understand such signals used by others.

Small Craft, Paddled: A Southron is skilled in the building and use of small canoes and hide boats.

Wild Runner: This skill enables the barbarian to move at twice his normal movement rate for no less than three full days before having to “rest” by spending a day moving at his base rate. They can repeat this activity cycle a number of times equal to one third their Constitution score. Once this is complete, they may spend one full day in normal activity before they must rest. This rest must be one day for each partial or complete cycle.

Climb Ability

Level % Chance
1 85
2 86
3 87
4 88
5 90
6 92
7 94
8 96
9 98
10 99
11 100
12 101
13 102
14 103
15 104
16 105
17 106

Native Territory Attuned Abilities: In addition to those special abilities, Southrons possess all of these following abilities that apply to their native territory. These abilities are usable, though not to their fullest potential in areas which are unfamiliar to the Southron. These skills can be attuned to a new locale with differing flora, fauna, and climate, after one month of continual exposure to the area. A Southron can continue to attune to new areas as it travels during the course of its adventures but every time it does this it loses its attunement to the other. In all cases the one month exposure period holds true with the exception of returning to its native territory. Upon returning to its native territory a Southron need only spend one full day in the wild to regain its native attunement. Regardless of how much time is spent in a particular area it can never replace his homeland as his native territory.

All of the following abilities depend upon the Southron hero being attuned to his surroundings. While some of these abilities will still be of limited use while the Southron is operating in an area in which he is not attuned, some will be completely useless. In extreme cases, an ability may be completely useless outside of the hero’s native territory.

First aid: This skill allows the Southron to bind wounds, set sprains or broken bones, and concoct natural antidotes and natural cures for diseases. When he uses this ability on himself the Southron immediately regains 1 hit point. Thereafter, he heals hit points at twice the normal rate of healing (regaining 2 hit points per day) if resting, and the normal rate of 1 hit point a day even if active and adventuring. The Southron can also bind the wounds of other people to prevent further loss in hit points. Such “first aid” restores the person to 1 hit point immediately and then increases hit-point recovery if the Southron continues to administer aid.

When attempting to treat natural poison or illness, a Southron has a 10% chance of effecting a cure using natural medicines garnered from its immediate surroundings. If the type of poison or particular disease is known, the chance of success rises to a 50%, plus the victim’s constitution score. The ability to bind wounds may be used at any time the curative ability may only be used if the Southron is attuned to its current surroundings.

Hide in natural surroundings: Southrons can conceal themselves in the natural surroundings they are attuned with. They can also hide in unfamiliar terrain with a significantly lowered chance. This represents the fact that they grew up in a highly uncivilized area. Having this skill in no way means they have the Hide in Shadows thief skill. Nor does it mean that they are obscuring their trail or scent (for purposes of being tracked by blood hounds or a being with tracking). Unlike the thief’s ability a Southron’s “Hide in Natural Surroundings” statistic is not modified for Dexterity but it is modified for armor type, and race as per the thief ability tables.

Hide in Natural Surroundings

Level % Chance
1 25/10
2 31/15
3 37/20
4 43/25
5 49/31
6 56/37
7 63/43
8 70/49
9 77/56
10 85/63
11 93/70
12 99/77
13 105/85
14 110/93
15 115/99
16 120/105
17 125/110

Savage Leadership: When dealing with others of his class, a Southron adds his experience level to his charisma score for the purposes of influencing other Southrons. Comeliness has no affect upon, nor is it affected by, this ability. This ability useful only in a Southron’s native territory.

Sound imitation: The Southron can mimic the various sounds, including bird or animal calls in an area in which he is attuned. This ability is usable for the purposes of either luring those creatures or for signaling.

Summon Southron Horde: Upon reaching 8th level, a Southron may summon a barbarian horde. This horde can only be summoned in the native territory of the Southron, from among barbarians of his background. A horde can number as many members as its leader’s experience-point total divided by 1000. Thus, a Southron who has just reached 8th level can gather a 90 member horde, and one who has just reached 9th level can have a 135 member horde.

A horde takes a week to gather in the Southron’s home territory, and must have a stated purpose, such as “Tear apart the College of Magic in Arcana City brick by brick” or “Rescue Princess Madelyn from the Storm Pirates” or “Serve under Goodbar the Cleric in his battle against the infidels.” Deviating from the proclaimed purpose by the horde or its leader may cause the horde to disband, at the GM’s option. Members of disbanded hordes will return by the quickest and safest route to their home lands.

A Southron horde can only be kept together for as many weeks as its leader has levels of experience. At the end of this time, the horde is usually disbanded. Exceptions may be made if; large amounts of treasure are distributed to the members, the leader has an effective charisma of 23 or more with respect to other barbarians, the leader of the horde is a tribal leader as well, or an unattained goal is in easy reach. Each of these special circumstances which apply would extend the duration of the horde by 1-2 weeks at most. A tribal leader who has his horde disband beneath him will not receive a warm welcome the next time he returns to his homeland.

In addition to the normal Southrons in the horde, the leader of the horde will gain two aides, each of a level equal to one-half of the leader’s level (rounded down). Each aide will have two assistants of one half the aide’s level. An 8th-level Southron would therefore have a horde of 90 men plus two 4th-level aides and four 2nd-level assistants to those aides. The horde will include clerics, shaman and witchdoctors. Southron clerics, shaman and witchdoctors gain wisdom bonuses and may use magic items of any sort as applicable. Normal clerics will have full spell capability, but in all cases Sothron ability-score statistics apply. Barbarian witchdoctors are always non-player characters.

Surprise: A hiding Southron can surprise opponents on a 3 in 6 chance, or 4 in 6 if they are in familiar terrain. Southrons are themselves surprised 10% of the time. This ability may not be used in an area in which a Southron is not attuned.

Survival: In an area in which he is attuned a Southron has the necessary skills for surviving in the wild, including hunting, small animal trapping, food gathering, shelter building, body covering, and fire building.

Tracking: A Southron gains the Tracking proficiency as a bonus. This ability only functions in an area in which the Southron’s abilities are attuned. An additional limitation to this ability is that it is only applicable in outdoor settings.


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