Overview of World Religions

The Holy Orders of Chronis – This is the most widely practiced faith. It is practiced by member of all races and is the state religion of almost all nations. The faith revolves around the belief that Chronis, the one true god, birthed the universe and its children and that Chronis’ children then created life on Cyris. These children also fought amongst themselves (an event known as the Godsrage) to the detriment of that life. The children then retreated from the world to save the life they had created but they left their own powerful children to ensure their worshipers remember them.

The religion was not known as the Holy Orders, nor was it a truly organized faith until after the Godsrage. In recent years the failure of the religion’s Fourth Holy Crusade has severely damaged its credibility and following. Presently it is still the most widely accepted religion, having more than double the followers of all other religions combined, but its influence is waning. At times its leadership drives its followers into undertakings that almost seem desperate.

Hearthnal Nornhiem – This faith is followed exclusively by dwarves and all of them adhere to its teachings, though some might be followers or priests of the Holy Orders as well. The Hearthnal is the state religion in all dwarven lands. The dwarves followed this religion long before they knew other races existed but they worship the same gods under their dwarven names. It is important to note that the Hearthnal is not part of the Holy Orders of Chronis, though they are allied with them and accepted as non-heretical.

The Hearthnal Nornhiem worships all of the gods for the aspects they find most favorable to their lifestyle. Though the religion is organized into multiple orders it has birthed no known sects, castes, off-shoots, or cults. Just as with Norin society, the religion simply does not tolerate evil amongst the priesthood.

Elemental Adherents – This faith maintains that it is older than the Holy Orders. It is the state religion of only a few smaller nations in the new south but it has more than a few followers tucked here and there throughout the north. The religion is actually an alliance of sects that devote themselves to different elements and elemental combinations but they consider themselves followers of one faith and so the religion as but one hierarchy. While the religion ended up being one of the targets of the Holy Orders’ first Holy Crusade it was eventually sanctioned by them, but in recent years the Adherents have stopped cooperating with them.

The faith venerates the naked power of all forms of elemental forces. In most cases priests of different alignments work together for common goals but there are always exceptions. It was considered heretical previous to the first Crusade, but was found to worship the gods for their base elemental aspects. Since the fourth crusade the Adherent religion has broken its allegiance to the Holy Orders.

Woadic Brotherhood – This faith is practiced exclusively by the human Uzivzy culture, that inhabits the plateaus and canyon lands south of the 5 Seas. Though the religion has a hierarchy of sorts it has little other structure. The faith had cooperated with the Holy Orders after the first crusade but before the fourth crusade the Woads and the Uzivzy severed any ties to the Holy Orders and denounced its gods and beliefs as false.

Cults and Sects: there are many small religions that fall into one of these two categories. Faiths that belong to either group are considered heretics by the Holy Orders (though they might not be by other faiths), and are outlawed in nearly every country.

Sects are splinter religions of the Holy Orders. They hold faith in the same pantheon but expound divergent beliefs. Historically, there have been only two major sects; the Church of Blood and the Darkhold.

The Church of Blood was believed to be wiped out during the third crusade but flourished in hiding among the dwindling number of humans in the north. It is was the driving force responsible for the Davallar Proclimationand (the mass human migration out of Amuria). The faith is outlawed by the Holy Orders but is the state religion of Ne’davallar.

The Darkhold is believed to have been wiped out in the third crusade. It is a religion that worships Argos as supreme god. It is practiced mainly by goblinoids but has many adherents of other races.

Cults are either splinter religions of one of the minor faiths, or are religions that preach heretical beliefs (such as condemnation of the Holy Orders), or the religion believes in a completely different pantheon of gods.

The Voldrani and the Iron Circle are examples of splinter religions, both being sects of the Elemental Adherent religion.

The Cult of Phoenix is an example of a faith with a different pantheon.

The Living Cosmic Brotherhood and the Lolard Heretic Movement are examples of heretics.


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