Presently there will only be a bare bones explanation of each priest’s role listed. This is because I figure the game information is more important at this point. There is more to come…

Priests/Clerics as a whole will be referred to as Faith Wielders. There are three types of faith wielders: Priests, Shaman, and Cultists.

Holy Orders Priests are the spiritual leaders in communities and nations that are followers of the Chronis pantheon. These clerics place their faith in the righteousness of these gods. These men and women teach those wishing to learn, heal the wounded and sick, advice those who seek council, protect those who seek asylum, seek balance, right wrongs and stand tall in the thick of battles. Above all, they seek to further the goals of their gods and religion. The religion is the world’s most widely practiced faith. It is the state religion in most civilized nations. Due to these facts its influence can be felt throughout the world.

Shaman are the leaders of the faithful in societies that worship old south religions (aka shamanistic religions). These religions have practices that deviate from the beliefs of the Holy Orders. Shamanistic religions hold faith in the Chronis pantheon but their organizations and practices vary from that of the Holy Orders. These religions are worshiped in large geographical areas and boast legions of followers but are most often the purview of a particular race, isolated locale or nation. The shaman themselves fit into all the same roles as Holy Orders priests but their practices are styled with the flavor and panache of their particular arena.

They are called “old south religions” due to the fact that their origins date back to the old homelands in the time before the Godsrage and the reformation of the Holy Orders. Before the Godsrage there were many other religions. Most of them worshiped false gods or no gods at all. The blasphemy of the religions of the Old South homelands was one of the key factors that brought about the Godsrage and thus these old religions were banned. Most of their followers were put to the sword by zealots of the newly formed Holy Orders of Chronis during the First Crusade. There are three surviving Old South religions in the present day: the Elemental Adherents, the Hearthnal Nornhiem, and the Woadic Brotherhood.

Cultists: are the priests and followers of faiths that are at best blasphemous and at worst heretical. Cultic religions are either loosely organized or rigidly structured and are built on faith in the pantheon as often as they are not. Some cult religions have faith in the gods but their practices or beliefs deviate from what is considered acceptable. Cults of this type seldom rise to positions of great power in large areas. Most cults place no faith in the gods at all. These religions vary from those that have no faith in the righteousness of the gods to those who preach heresy against their very existence. Cultists of this type rarely exist in one area for long before priests and shaman rise to root out their corrupting influences. These religions are rarely prone to violence but may strike, causing great mayhem and carnage.

There are currently no playable Cultist classes.


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