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Dwarves are known as Norns, or at least that is what the call themselves and is what they prefer to be called.

There are 7 Norin sub-races. While one may differ from another in ways noticeable to outsiders, Norns maintain that most differences are merely cosmetic and can be attributed to life choices. To them, one Norn is as important as any other.

All of the 5 main sub-races are united and each stronghold consists of at least one clann of four of them. Where there are Hill and Suns above, there are Mountain and Deeps below. They communicate with each other in a friendly way and occasionally feast together. Regularly they travel freely among each other in the under-mountain and the outer-world while collaborating on some ambitious excavation. Dreamers are a main sub-race but they have no clanns of their own. The 2 minor sub-races are not separate from the remainder. Marniers are merely a cultural divergent but they and the Mulls are united with main sub-races in Uthnal.

Norns are difficult to fathom for out-worlders. Few see them as more than dour and taciturn but they are among the most complex beings in existence. It takes keen interest in them and their culture to even begin to understand because they will only teach those they feel are passionate about the subject. Each and every norn regardless of sub-race, clann, stronghold or guild is guided by the “Dyd Uzmaanig,” which are tenants that have been handed down, generation to generation since the dawn of their race. These tenants govern everything about Norns, from their history and society to their very personalities.

There are four Nornholds remaining on Cyrus:

Nornhiem Uthnal RocEmingrad Medeba


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