NOTE: Mulls are not available as a PC race previous to the year 1450 A12S.

Also known as the Fragmenorin (half-dwarves), Mulls are the first race the Guild of Thirteen created using magic. They were created in the Toltec empire and were quickly enslaved by its leader. All Mulls were slaves for nearly six and a half centuries before they created their own religion. That inspired them to fight for their freedom and win their anonymity from their masters. Their nation, Utu’Shamash had to fight almost constantly for its existence before it united with the Norns (dwarves) of Uthnal. While they have joined with the Norns the Mulls still strive to maintain their racial identity.

A naturally born half-Murian/half-Norn favors the appearance of their Norin parent, but because Mulls are a magically combined cross-race they have a completely different look. Mulls favor their murian parentage for height but have Norn-like builds and are among the most powerful of the medium sized races. They appear very tall for a human and are broad-shouldered and wide, with almost no body fat. The facial features of a Mull give it a stern appearance. They have prominent eye ridges and swept-back, slightly pointed ears. Unlike either parent race, they are also completely devoid of body hair. They have fair skin which has a copper-like coloration. Almost all Mulls don tattoos and quite often the will have them on their heads or face.

As a race, Mulls tend to be independent. They are not specifically chaotic but tend to like to make their own decisions. Mulls are great warriors but lately, many of them have given themselves over to more cerebral pursuits and have turned to priestly devotions or mental disciplines. Due to their racial memory of the long years of captivity and ascendance from bondage, they are commonly given to a gruff personalities and sullen behavior. Many Mulls never seek friendship though they enjoy companions. Some might live out their lives in solitude, driven by hatred and spite. However, Mulls will eventually be able to sense who they can trust.

Mull History

Mulls have the following abilities and hindrances which are beyond the norm.

Ability Modifiers: +2 Str, +1 Con, -1 Int, -2 Cha.

Ability Min/Max Score Class Level Limit
Str 14/20 Basic Warrior 15
Dex 5/18 Gladiator U
Con 7/19 Horseman 12
Int 5/17 Corsair 12
Wis 6/18 Cultist 10
Cha 4/16 Elemental Adherent (any) 12
Hearthnal Nornhiem 10
Smuggler 12
Thief 12
Acrobat 10
Assassin 10

Character Classes: A player character Mull can be a Basic Warrior, Cultist, Thief, Gladiator, Elemental Adherent, Smuggler, Hearthnal Nornhiem, Horseman, Acrobat, Corsair, or Assassin. In addition, they may choose from the following multi-class options: Warrior/Rouge, Warrior/Priest, Warrior/Adherent/Rouge. (rules for multi-classing are on PHB page 44). Multi-classed Warriors may be a Basic Warrior, Horseman, or Corsair. Multi-classed Priest may be a Cultist, Adherent or Hearthnal. Multi-classed Rouges may be a Thief or Smuggler.

Base Movement Rate: 14.

Languages: Because the original Mulls were created in, and lived for so long under the yolk of Toltec, their Primary language is normally Dynish. Though, a starting Mull character may choose between Dynish, Norin Parse, Norse or Lemish as the language they can read, write and speak while being created.

Mull Exertion: Due to the mixture of Norn constitution and Murian adaptability, Mulls have much higher tolerance for exertion and exhaustion than most other mortal races. Because of this Mulls are able to work longer and harder without rest. Regardless of the preceding type of exertion and as long as a Mull character does not exceed the time limit, eight hours of sleep is all a Mull needs to be fully rested and ready to begin work again.

Type of Exertion Time Before Rest
Heavy Labor (stone construction, quarry work, running) 24+Con Hours
Medium Labor (light construction, mining, jogging) 36+Con Hours
Light Labor (combat training, walking encumbered) 48+Con Hours
Normal Activity (walking, conversation) Con Days

Aging Effects

Base Age Maximum Age
15 +2d4 150 +8d10
Middle Age: 90 Old Age: 120 Venerable: 150
Height Weight
Base 72 230
Variable +3d4 +7d10

Relations with other races: Most Mulls have settled under the tutelage of the Norns of Uthnal but there are plenty of them wandering the out-world. After many years, they have begun to consider themselves a Norin sub-race. But of those sub-races, they are the least amendable to out-world races. Other than Norns, Murians and Orcs; they have little to no experience with other races. They realize that and also know they are a young race that has a lot to learn about and from the world. They recognize that not all Murian civilizations are like that of their former masters and that many of their nations are trustworthy and friendly. Dotted here and there across Pannugia there are small communities of Mulls trying to start new lives without the baggage. They are attempting to break out of the molds that they have been cast in for so long.


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