Mixed Blooded

3D6 Roll Life Boon
3 Demigod
4 Lucky
5 Warp Frenzy
6 Inspirational
7 Inheritance
8-9 Handsome
10-11 Courageous
12 Noble
13 Seer
14 Medium
15-16 Barbaric
17-18 Magical

Barbaric: Only a pure blooded human may gain this boon. Your hero may choose to use Gladiator, Paladin, Plainsman or Ranger as his sub-class. As noted above in epic warrior he must meet all of the qualifications of this sub-class but he must also gain an additional 5% of the experience needed to level on XPro Chart 7 at every level. A barbaric hero also gains all of the abilities of its sub-class in addition to those listed below. In all cases where the hero warrior’s listed abilities contradict those of its chosen sub-class, the abilities on this page are preeminent. Heroes only gain one instance of any ability which is listed on both this page and its subclass page. Of course a Plainsman hero must still be of the Uzivzy culture. A Paladin or Ranger must be a follower of the Holy Orders. A Gladiator is not otherwise restricted.

Courageous: This boon grants the hero an automatically successful saving throw against any fear-based attack which allows a saving throw. The character also gains an additional +1 to hit and damage while charging.

Demigod: Only pure blooded human who is a follower of the Holy Orders can gain this boon. The hero is actually the child of one of the gods or a transcended demi-god. In this life she must gain enough glory for herself to be admitted into the fold of the heavenly being she is descended from. Because she is known to be the offspring of a higher power, many of her hero warrior abilities are more potent. A demi-god has the following advanced abilities and draw backs:

  • Fame: Due to her lineage she is easily twice as famous as any other hero warrior of similar level. A demi-god gains 4 fame points per level instead of 2 (gaining the first 4 at 2nd level). She may also begin calling followers at 2nd level.
  • The Great Bard: A demi-god hero warrior may begin checking to gain her Bard at 2nd level (if the Bard is gained before 5th level it will still be a level 1 Bard).
  • Mixed Blood: A demi-god may not have mixed blood.
  • Additional XP: Demi-god hero warriors must gain an additional 25% of the needed experience at every level (only for the hero warrior class in the case of multi-classed characters).
  • 2nd Boon: Roll again on this chart ignoring any further result of demigod.
  • Godling: Due to her divine lineage, a demi-god hero warrior can only be favored by one god. Also, she will eventually be given a quest by her parent god which is a test to divine whether or not she is ready to transcend into full demi-god status. A godling that disagrees with, or even angers the god that favors her might not lose any of her abilities (the DM will decide if her transgression it truly worthy of her being cut off – so to say – by her parent).

Handsome: Only heroes favored by Ninurte can gain this boon.The gods have blessed the character with otherworldly charm and good looks. The hero replaces his initial Charisma score with a score of 20 and gains the Allure ability.

  • Allure – The hero warrior can attract romantic attention from NPCs (at the player’s option). He can conceal the trait any time but when he does not, it is in effect. The ability gives a bonus to his Charisma’s reaction adjustment rolls against NPCs who might be affected (the bonus is +3 in addition to his normal reaction adjustment). The ability is only effective if there is a reasonable chance of the PC drawing romantic attention from the NPC. The NPC should be of the opposite sex and of at least young adult age, but this is not a rule. Epic warriors can receive one henchman above the normal maximum as long as one of the henchmen has a romantic interest with the PC, though it may be unrequited and hopeless._

Inheritance: This hero warrior begins play with a bequest from his late father. The player can either choose to have a small farmstead in his nation of origin and the Agriculture non-weapon proficiency, a small merchant ship and the Seamanship and Navigation non-weapon proficiencies, or 10 times the normal starting money for a warrior.

Inspirational: Only a pure blooded human can gain this boon. An inspirational hero warrior gains two benefits from this boon. First he gains the Diplomacy non-weapon proficiency as a bonus. Second, the hero exudes an aura that automatically exerts an effect on allies in his vicinity.

The hero’s aura is in effect continually while he is alive and conscious. The hero does not need to activate it because it turns on when he wakes up in the morning, but he can also not dismiss it. People that are affected by his aura are limited to the hero himself, all members of his adventuring party and his followers who are within 60 feet of the hero and can see him. The actual effect of the aura should be rolled on the table below when the hero is created. Once the aura has been determined it stays with the hero for the rest of his life.

d6 roll Aura Effect
1 +2 bonus on rolls made to confirm critical hits
2 +1 bonus to Armor Class
3 +2 bonus on to-hit and damage rolls when charging
4 +1 bonus on melee attack rolls
5 +1 bonus on ranged attack rolls
6 +1 bonus to all Saving Throws

Lucky: A hero with this boon gains an additional [[Luck Dice|luck die] whenever he gains luck dice. Thus each time he rises in level he gains 2 luck dice instead of 1. Additionally once a day, the hero can add a bonus equal to his hero warrior levels to any one dice roll that may be modified by a luck die.

Magical: The hero is born with an aptitude for magical phenomena and may begin play as a multi-classed character (regardless of the rules which prohibit humans from multi-classing). The hero can be a Hero/Sorcerer, Hero/Woad, or Hero/Rune Caster. Woads and Ruin Casters must be of the appropriate cultural groups to use this option.

Meduim: Only a pure blooded human can gain this boon. This boon bestows the ability to see things beyond the ken of normal folk. The ability is known as “second sight” or simply “the sight,” and those who have it are called mediums by those who know of its existence. Few and far between are those who have the sight, and they are as seen as equally blessed and cursed. Most people believe that mediums are mad and they may end up this way. Second sight manifests in two ways, giving two distinct abilities.

  • Supernatural Sight: The easier to understand of the two. The hero can see things that are hidden by supernatural means; in game terms this means anything affected by invisibility or a displacement field, or anything on the border of the spirit world. But, the hero cannot discern between things that are visible and invisible. This ability is as much of a curse as it is a boon because the inhabitants of the spirit world take great interest in those who can see them. The attentions of spirits are seldom desirable because many of them do not wish to be seen and many others seek the companionship of the living to distract them from their lifeless existence. Many of the dead want living mediums to finish things they did not while alive and so the hero will be hounded by the dead to complete their own quests.
  • Precognitive Visions: A limited form of prophecy which involves the reading people and objects.
    This ability is involuntary and visions can occur any time the hero’s bare flesh touches something or someone else’s bare flesh. The hero becomes swept up in a vision and is oblivious to the world around him. The vision usually lasts only a few seconds but might last a considerably longer time if its content is more earthshaking. It is important to note that what is seen through second sight must and will happen no matter what steps are taken to avoid it because this is an infallible ability to see the future. While most things seen through the sight come to pass relatively quickly, it is not unknown for a prediction to take years to be fulfilled.
  • Though the ability is involuntary the hero may attempt to use it actively to see events that will occur. Attempts succeed only 40% of the time, and even then may not reveal anything interesting or extraordinary. Also the ability has a limitation: it cannot be used to predict the outcome of an event that depends upon specific actions of people (particularly the PCs). EXAMPLE: the hero cannot touch a chest and say that opening it would be bad, since this requires as action which might not be taken (once realizing opening the chest was dangerous no one opens it, thus making the prediction false). Heroes cannot use it to foretell the outcome of a battle, although he could say whether one fighter or commander’s luck was good or bad. As a last caution, the Dm must remember that he is in charge whenever a character has a vision through second sight. If the DM has no idea what vision would be appropriate, then none need occur.

Noble: Only heroes favored by Aaroth can gain this boon. The hero is the son or daughter of an earl, duke, count, chieftain or other equivalent great noble. As a member of high society they gain the Etiquette and Heraldry non-weapon proficiencies as a bonus when being created. During the hero’s lifetime, it can make one claim upon his father for a fighting force, assuming the hero has not broken with his family. The quality of the force he receives is dependent upon his level, fame and standing within his family, but it will never be less than 10 1st level warriors/corsairs/horsemen (whichever is proper for his culture) and a small merchant ship/wagon caravan; or more than 100 1st level warriors/corairs/horsemen and a warship/grand wagon caravan and a single siege engine.

Seer: Only heroes favored by Cepheus can gain this boon.The hero has the gift of prophecy. Once per day the character can attempt to make a prediction. This ability works like the faith spell divination, with some differences to the specifics.

If the hero can meditate on a question for 10 uninterrupted minutes, he can make a check to see if he has received a prophecy. The base chance for a correct divination is 60%, plus 1% for each day the hero has not used this ability. The DM makes adjustments to this base chance considering the actions being divined (if, for example, unusual precautions against the spell have been taken). A sacrificial offering and burning incense will lend a bonus to this chance and the greater the value of the offerings the higher the bonus might be. Of course gaining a bonus for an unusually important divination will require a particularly valuable sacrifice.

If the dice roll is failed, the hero will realize that the attempt failed, unless specific magic yielding false information is at work. If the dice roll succeeds, he gains a useful piece of advice concerning that specific question. This advice will be specific and absolutely true, but will come in the form of a simple short phrase, cryptic rhyme, haiku, or omen. In all cases, the DM controls what information is received and whether additional divinations will supply additional information. Note that if the information is not acted upon within one week conditions are likely to change, possibly making the advice useless.

Warp Frenzy: Only a pure blooded human favored by Enkath can gain this boon. The hero has been touched by Enkath’s warp. This occurrence gives the hero the ability to enter a frenzied state in battle. Whenever the hero is in battle and is wounded, faced by a superior force, or otherwise enraged (DM’s discretion) he may attempt to touch the warp and become frenzied. Once frenzied, he must enter melee combat with an enemy within two rounds. Though the character can choose his opponents, he may not change opponents until his current opponent has either been slain or has fled and cannot be followed. A hero who does not engage in melee combat within two rounds of becoming frenzied must attack the nearest assailable target; friend or foe. A frenzied hero may not voluntarily retreat from melee combat and cannot be routed or forced to retreat.

To touch the warp, the hero must attempt a saving throw vs Paralyze/Poison/Death Magic. If the save is successful, the hero becomes frenzied. If the save is failed, the hero can try again on the next round. The attempt may be made for up to 10 consecutive rounds (the 10th attempt always succeeds).

Warp Frenzy confers the following advantages and disadvantages (all of these bonuses are lost once the hero emerges from the frenzied state):

  • The hero gains an additional attack with one weapon.
  • The hero’s Strength increases by 2 points, to a maximum of 19 (for those with strength over 18, percentile strengths increase by one category for every extra point. The hero gains all the appropriate bonuses to BAB, damage, weight allowance, etc.).
  • The hero instantly gains 2 additional hit points per level (hit points gained do not heal existing wounds; they are simply added to the hero’s present HP total. These hit points can cause the character’s total to exceed his normal maximum HP).
  • The hero gains an AC bonus of +1 per level to a maximum of +10.
  • The hero may not change weapons during the combat but may pick up weapons on the ground or draw a new weapon if his becomes broken or lost (he may not intentionally drop his weapon).
  • The hero may not gain a bonus from any Tactics proficiencies while frenzied.

A frenzied hero may attempt to emerge from the warp on any round after the one in which he entered it. To end the frenzy the hero must succeed in a saving throw vs. spell (if the hero is physically restrained [i.e. firmly grappled] by friends, immobilized by some other means, or doused in cold water, there is a +2 bonus to the saving throw). In any round that the hero fails to emerge from the warp he must continue to attack the closest live target.

Once he emerges from the warp, the hero must make another saving throw vs. death magic. If the roll is failed, the hero loses 5 points of strength (in addition to the 2 granted temporarily by the frenzy). The lost strength is recovered at a rate of 1 point per turn of the complete rest. No strength is recovered until the hero can rest completely, and the hero may not become frenzied again until his strength has been returned to its normal level.

Mixed Blooded

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