Holy Orders Priest

The foundation of the Holy Orders religion is the belief in the divinity of Chronis the one true god and his children. Chronis sacrificed himself to birth the universe and his five children. In turn, his children birthed all of the life-forms of the world and the mortal races. The children allowed the world to unfold as it would but eventually they fought among themselves in a conflict that was known as the Godsrage. After the war they reformed the religion and birthed their own children to run it. They then removed themselves from the world to save it from themselves. But the gods are always watching. Their disapproval can be felt through their church and there is nothing stopping them from returning to the world other than their own wills.

The church is structured according to the rules set forth in the Holy Orders of Chronis. It is subdivided into 6 separate orders. Each order pays homage to one of the gods. The ruling order of the religion is the Holy Order of Chronis. It unites the others and assures their cooperation, and it drives the overall beliefs of the flock. This is not to say that there are never disputes between the orders. As they represent gods who once fought among themselves that is unavoidable. While there is always tension between the orders, actual infighting only occurs when one becomes so ascendant it threatens to unbalance the structure and gain dominance over the Order of Chronis.

The Eyehe is the holy book of the Holy Orders (essentially it is their bible). What is represented here is but a summation.

Below are the game specifics of each order and their structure. The orders are structured so that priests go up in rank as they go up in levels. Each change in rank is accompanied by a change in title and duties. Advancing in ranks grants priests greater power and eventually a specific place in the religions hierarchy

Holy Order of Chronis
Holy Order of Aaroth
Holy Order of Argos
Holy Order of Ninurte
Holy Order of Cepheus
Holy Order of Enkath

Holy Orders Priest

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