Holy Order of Chronis

Ability Requirements: 17 Wisdom, 16 Charisma, 14 Intelligence.
Prime Requisite: Wisdom.
Secondary Requisite: none.
Hit Die: d8 per level until 10th, +2 HP from 11th level on.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Allowed Races: Aluft, Human, Amurian, New Elf, Aflin, Half-Elf, Centauri, Changeling, Cyclops, Dwarf (Earther or Topsider), Faerie, Gnome (GHR, Halfling, Giant, Teffnut, Triton-Syrene.
To-hit Progression (Thac0): As Faith.
Experience Progression: XPro Chart 4.
Saving Throws: As Faith.

Aspects – Chronis is the god of all, the parent of all five gods and once controlled all of aspects that they now control.

Overview – While the Holy Orders religion is practiced throughout the known world, the Holy Order of Chronis is one of six orders of the larger religion. This order allows members of every race created by the gods. The order of Chronis usually has more followers than any other order. Only on rare occasion has the membership of another order become more numerous than this. Though almost all nations whose people are part of the Holy Orders flock hold this order as the most holy, this order is not the state religion of any nation. Throughout history this order has maintained the largest temples of any order. The primary temple of the religion has always belonged to this order. Presently, the Holy City of Chronis is the center of the religion and while the city contains the high temple of all but one order, the city itself is the main temple of this order. But, the order maintains countless minor temples throughout the known world.

Ethos – The order of Chronis promotes unity among all of the orders and all of the flock. It does not promote Chronis as supreme among the gods, though all followers of the religion believe he is. Due to Chronis’ sacrifice of itself, it is believed the god is no longer cognoscente. This does not change the fact that Chronis is our ultimate creator and is directly responsible for our creation. The main beliefs of this order are, “because all life and energy are created from the corpse of Chronis, we are one in him,” “all life owes its existence to Chronis’ plan, and so their existences should be dedicated to him,” “even the gods are only part of Chronis, and thus their orders are only part of the greater religion.” Priests of Chronis promote: belief in the divinity of all of the children, the acceptance of their will.

As a whole the Holy Orders religion promotes the divinity of each god and cooperation between all of its orders. The Order of Chronis sees the necessity of this cooperative spirit as the most vital aspect of their responsibilities and that fostering this is their most sacred charge. They realize that when the orders are united the religion can accomplish it greatest feats. This is evidenced by the fact that together they completed the greatest architectural feat of all time by building the Holy City of Chronis. This order has occasionally had to take action against several of the other orders.

Role of the Order – Though it is believed Chronis no longer has a cohesive consciousness, he is still seen as the patron god of all of the faithful. These priests serve the populous of nearly every nation but they do not serve as advisors to rulers. They see their job as concerning religion and faith, and believe they should not cross the line into politics. They tend to the spiritual wellbeing of the flock. It is also the responsibility of this order to insure other orders command the respect of the faithful. But they also realize it is their responsibility to insure that the orders deserve this respect.

Rites of the Order

Tithes: While this is not the state religion of any nation the order does expect its flock to tithe to it, but it does not demand a tithe and it never expects its followers to give more than they can afford. Additionally, this order collects tithes directly from the other orders. Each other order is expected to tithe to this order because it is the job of the order of Chronis to maintain a home for all its priests.
Church Trial: Secular (non-priestly) authorities cannot put priests of Chronis on trial for any crime they were ordered to do by the Order. Trials for these priests, if one is to be held, are handled by the Order of Cepheus.


Vigilance: It is the responsibility of this order to remain vigilant against all things that concern all the orders. 1) to protect the interests of the all of the faithful, 2) the rising of power of other religions, especially heretical religions, 3) against those who defy the gods. 4) against unaligned magic users, 5) against those who defy the gods, 6) against the other Holy Orders becoming too dominant in their religion.
Missions: 1) Priests of Chronis are very often on missions. Their arena is so diverse that they are asked to undertake a great number of things like; to protect a specific person, place or thing. The Priest might have chosen his current mission or might have been assigned to him. Most often missions are a simple matter of protecting the faithful but occasionally they might be as complex as ferreting out pockets of heretics or wayward priests of one of the holy orders. Priests of this order are often asked to lead armies in times when crusade armies on the march.
Guidance: These priests teach a doctrine of acceptance of the will of the gods. They also guide the other orders to be accepting of each other.
Tithe: Each priest must tithe 10% of his wealth to the Order.

Priestly Limitations

Clothing: Priests of Chronis wear white robes trimmed with gold and adorned with the star motif. They wear their holy symbol displayed prominently.
Holy Symbol: The symbol of Chronis is a simple single star shining brightly.

Game Statistics

Weapon Proficiency and Specialization: Priests of Chronis allowed to use only blunt and bludgeoning weapons.

Weapon Style Proficiency and Specialization: When being created, Priests of Chronis are proficient in the following Weapon Styles: single hand single weapon, Weapon and shield, two handed weapon, and thrown missile/sling. Additionally, they may use Weapon Proficiencies to specialize in of these styles.

Use of Armor and Shields: Priests of Chronis may wear any armor and use any shield.

Proficiencies: Priests of Chronis follow the faith progression for starting and gaining Non-weapon Proficiencies. They have access to the general and Faith lists. They may take proficiencies off of other lists but mast pay a 1 slot penalty for every NWP they choose to take in this way. Required: Priests of Chronis are required to take the Healing and Herbalism proficiencies out of their initial allotment of non-weapon proficiencies when they are being created. Suggested Proficiencies: Heraldry, Language: Modern, Etiquette, History: Ancient, Armorer, Endurance, History: Local, Riding: Land Based, Singing, Weaponsmithing, Weather Sense, History: Recent, Language: Read/Write, Direction Sense, Artistic Ability, Pottery, Musical Instrument, Fire Building. Cooking, Brewing, Dancing, and Blacksmithing.

Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies: While being created Priests of Chronis gain the following Non-weapon Proficiencies as a bonus: Astrology and Religion: Holy Orders.

Magic Item Use: While Priests of Chronis can cast magical spells, they can also use many magical items, including potions, protection scrolls, most rings, most miscellaneous items, and all forms of enchanted armor and weapons: as well as items created specifically for priests.

The Complete Priest’s Handbook: Priests of Chronis may utilize kits from any published TSR source. If you wish to utilize a kit you must get the GM to OK the specific kit because some kits may not fit the flavor of the campaign world or time period. Priests of Chronis may also utilize the Spells, Equipment, and followers tables from the complete priest’s handbook.

Stronghold: At 9th level, the priest of Chronis may receive official approval to establish a religious stronghold, be it a fortified abbey or a secluded convent. Obviously, the stronghold must contain all the trappings of a place of worship and must be dedicated to the service of Chronis’s cause. However, the construction cost of the stronghold is half the normal price, since the work has official sanction and much of the labor is donated. The priest of Chronis can hold property and build a stronghold any time before reaching 9th level, but this is done without church sanction and does not receive the benefits described above.

Faith Spell Casting: The priest receives his spells as insight directly from his deity (the deity does not need to make a personal appearance to grant the spells prayed for), as a sign of and reward for his faith, so he must take care not to abuse his power lest it be taken away as punishment. Priests have major access to the following spheres: All, Astral, Charm, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing (and reverse), Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Time and War; and minor access to Animal, Plant, Sun, and Weather.

Granted Powers:

(Level 1)

  • Turn Undead; When turning these priests are not limited to one attempt and may continue to attempt to turn the same group of undead (or specific undead) until they are successful.
  • Priests of Chronis get a +1 bonus to all Saving Throws vs. spells cast by any other priest class
  • These Priests are immune to all Fear effects (such as spells and innate spell-like abilities
  • These priests cast Divination Sphere spells as if they are 3 levels higher
  • Any weapon in the hands of a priest of Chronis is considered a +1 magical weapon for the purposes of hitting targets which can only be struck by magical weapons (this ability does not confer a bonus to attack or damage.
  • Followers and Henchmen of priests of Chronis treat them as if their charisma is 18 regardless of what their actual Charisma score is.
    (Level 4)
  • Priests of Chronis can cast the Command spell once a day (in addition to their normal spells)
  • Priests of Chronis can now require the service of any other Holy Orders priest of lower rank to accompany them on a mission. The number of lower ranking priests he can require is equal to his level minus 1.
    (Level 9)
  • The casting time of their priest spells (with a casting time of less than 1 round) is reduced by 3 segments
  • Priests of Chronis gain a +2 bonus to their Saving Throws against all spells of the Elemental sphere and arcane schools of elements
    (Level 12)
  • Priests of Chronis now have the effects of the Free Action spell constantly in effect upon themselves.
    (Level 14)
  • Priests of Chronis can cast either Power word: stun or Powerword: Blind spell once a day (in addition to their normal spells)
    (Level 16)
  • Priests of Chronis can cast the Holy Word spell once a day (in addition to their normal spells)
    (Level 17)
  • Priests of Cepheus can now cast the Chariot of Sustarre spell 1 time each week (in addition to their normal spells)
    (Level 21)
  • (Known only to the High Priest)

Organization of the Faith

At first level priests of the Order of Chronis have the title: Cleric. As Holy Orders priests rise in levels they gain additional granted powers due to the fact that they are rising in the ranks of their order. At 4th level they gain the rank and title: Priest. At 9th level they gain the rank and title: Abey. At 12th level they gain the rank and title: Bishop. At 14th level they gain the rank and title: Arch-Bishop. When they have gained enough experience to attain 16th level a priest of this order has entered the hierarchy of the order and must wait to be appointed to rank and title of: Cardinal (there can be no more than 7 Cardinals at one time). At 17th level they gain the rank and title: Arch-Cardinal. There is only one 21st level priest of this order (Master of the Divine Order of the Bond). When any member of this order has gained enough experience to attain 21th level, they may only advance to the next level by challenging and killing the present Master.

- History

Holy Order of Chronis

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