NOTE: Half-Orcs are not available as a PC race previous to 2400 A12S.

The Orc race was magically created by Adar Aflin (dark elves) during the Age of Muse. They are a cross between ogres and dark elves. Dark elves have brown skin and orange hair. Orcs have tough skin which is green/brown and warty (or bumpy) and they have pug noses. From their skin grows long orange hair that covers the entire body (making them look like ugly wookies). Orcs create many cross-races mongrels. Orcin genetics are so strong that the offspring of such unions are usually indistinguishable from a pure Orc. This is true in all cases but perhaps one in twenty. Some Orc/Murian couplings produce a child sufficiently non-orcish to be considered a cross-breed. It is assumed that any player character Half-Orc is within the superior lot.

Half-orcs are normally slightly taller than humans but they are much more massive. Their skin is still green/brown like their orc parent’s but it is a much lighter shade (greyish green/brown) and much less bumpy (or scaly) and is more, supple. It is not quite like human skin but it is not nearly like Orc hide. Their foreheads still slope down to a boney brow and their noses are still characteristically Orc-lke. Their ears are pointy and swept back like a half-elf’s. Their lower jaws are still strong and jut out past their uppers and their prominent teeth are sharp and protruding. They still have the long heads of orange hair of their orc parent, but it may be patchy and does not cover them head to toe. Their hair is much less course and more flowing, like that of a human. Many Half-Orcs shave their heads and bodies as they like to show off their scars and often get tattoos. Any half-orc who has lived among orcs and survived has scars, whether they are marks of shame indicating servitude and identifying the half-orc’s former owner, or marks of pride recounting conquests and high status. They regard battle scars as tokens of pride and ornamental scars and tattoos as things of beauty. Half-Orcs living among humans either displays or hides his scars, depending on his attitude toward them.

Half-orcs are short-tempered and sullen. They would rather act than ponder and would rather fight than argue. Those who are successful in suppressing these tendencies are those with enough self-control to live in civilized lands, and are not the crazy ones. Half-orcs love simple pleasures such as feasting, drinking, boasting, singing, wrestling, drumming, and dancing. Refined enjoyments such as poetry, courtly dancing, and philosophy are lost on them.

Orc History

Half-Orcs have the following abilities and hindrances which are beyond the norm.

Ability Modifiers: +2 Str, +1 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha.

Ability Min/Max Score Class Level Limit
Str 13/20 Basic Warrior 15
Dex 3/18 Gladiator 11
Con 4/19 Corsair 11
Int 2/16 Southron U
Wis 3/18 Cultist 12
Cha 2/17 Thief 14
Smuggler 12
Assassin 10
Elemental Adherent 12

Character Classes: A player character can be a Basic Warrior, Cultist, Thief, Gladiator, Elemental Adherent (any), Smuggler, Corsair, Assassin, or Southron. In addition, they may choose the following multi-class option: Warrior/Rouge (rules for multi-classing are on PHB page 44). Multi-classed Warriors may be either a Basic Warrior or Corsair. Multi-classes Rouges may be either a Thief or a Smuggler.

Base Movement Rate: 14.

Languages: Half-Orcs gain Orcin as their initial language. Unless their Intelligence does not allow them a second language, the may learn to speak only one Murian language. Regardless of their Intelligence score they may not begin play knowing how to speak any further languages (though they may spend non-weapon proficiencies they gain through rising in levels to learn additional languages if they wish. The only exception to this are thieves who will also know Thieves’ Cant when being created.

Darkvision: Half-orcs can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and half-orcs can function just fine with no light at all.

Aging Effects

Base Age Maximum Age
8 +2d4 90 +2d20
Middle Age – 45. Old Age – 60. Venerable – 90.
Height Weight
Base 60(58) 150(120)
Variable 6d4 7d10

Relations with other races: Because orcs are the sworn enemies of Norns (dwarves) and (Aldar) elves, half-orcs can have a rough time winning the trust and friendship of members of these races. For that matter, orcs aren’t exactly on good terms with Murians (humans), Quants (halflings), or Kinolin (gnomes) either. Each half-orc has to find a way to gain respect and acceptance from those who hate or fear his orc cousins. Some half-Orcs act reserved and try not to draw attention to themselves. Others demonstrate piety and good heartedness as often and publicly as they can (whether or not such demonstrations are genuine). Some simply try to be so tough that others have no choice but to accept them.


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