Fatal Flaws

d4 Roll Fatal Flaws
1 Hubris
2 Rage
3 Fate
4 Orphan

Fate: During his birth or some other early point in the hero’s life, it was foretold that some incomprehensible doom awaited the hero or his family. While the hero has the favor of one or more of the gods, he also has at least one god who is actively plotting his demise. This doom could have been placed upon him at birth or might be retribution for some past misdeed or perceived insult to the god. Though the other gods still favors the hero, at some point this penalty will be paid. The nature of the foretold fate, its cause, and the probable penalty are best decided by the DM and player working together to best meld the player’s concept of the hero and the intended course of the DMs campaign.

Hubris: The hero is excessively proud. The simplest manifestation of hubris is that he will not retreat or withdraw from a fight, even when he is overmatched. He will never surrender, not even after he is beaten. Such a hero will refuse any offer of aid he deems unnecessary, and may alienate friends or even make enemies of powerful NPCs in this way. If he can see his way through to a head-on confrontation with an opposing force, the hero will refuse to take a more subtle or devious course of action. This does not mean that he will charge headlong into danger and needlessly spend the lives of himself and his followers but he will not attempt to circumvent a danger he feels they can overcome.

Orphan: There are many ways for a hero to become an orphan. He could have been sold into slavery, lost in some way, abducted, his family could have been killed, or he could have simply been abandoned.
Any of these things could have been caused due to a prophecy pertaining to the child, or the hero’s parents being too poor to keep it. They could have been ashamed of the child for some reason, believing he was disfigured or too weak to survive. Somehow the child survived, it could have been raised by wild animals, a shepherd, fisherman or merchant. After being orphaned he may have been treated justly or cruelly.

Now an adult, the hero is either seeking to learn his true heritage or bury it completely, and find fame and adventure. At some point the hero will cross paths with a family member though they will not know who the person is the family member may be aware of the relationship. The hero’s reaction toward this relative will determine the path of his future relationship with his family. The hero’s relative might be a powerful foe, possibly even the main villain.

Rage: The Hero flies into a bloodthirsty rage for a turn (10 combat rounds); whenever he is insulted, challenged, or believes he or she is about to be overcome in battle. This rage confers the hero a bonus of +2 to his attack and damage rolls, but he also suffers a -4 penalty to armor class. While in this rage the Hero cannot distinguish friend from foe. He may attack friends or even harm or kill innocent people.

Fatal Flaws

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