Amurian Cultures

Lemish Norian

Alternately referred to as high-men, Amurians are the most prevalent race on all of Cyrus and as such they are the world’s base character race. The Amurian race has come about through hundreds of years of intermingling between Murians (humans) and the Aflin (elves). At first they are simply half-elves but as the years pass and free intermingling between all three races continues that classification no longer suffices. The cross-breed can only be produced in a Murian land, as they are a mixture of more man than elf. They have become stronger than their Aflin ancestors but their Murian lineage costs many years from an Aflin life-span. They live much longer than a Murian (or half-elf) but are short lived compared to elves. It is common practice for Amurians to marry into elven blood every few generations to sustain their lifespans.

Their personal strengths are their inherited Murian flexibility and drive to succeed as individuals. The strength of the race lies in its numbers and social tolerance. Their ability to cooperate with others and form coalitions which overcome any weakness is the key factor to their ascendance as the preeminent race.

The flavor of an Amurian character is dependent on which cultural groups it belongs to. You must choose your Amurian’s heritage from these two cultural groups listed above: Lemish or Norian.

Amurians have the following abilities and hindrances which are beyond the norm.

Ability Modifiers: None. Amurians are given neither penalties nor bonuses as they are established as the norm upon which all other race’s subtractions or additions are based.

Ability Min/Max Score
Str 3/18/100%
Dex 3/18
Con 3/18
Int 3/18
Wis 3/18
Cha 3/18

Character Classes: Depending on their heritage, a player character Amurian can be a Basic Warrior, Cultist, Thief, Monk, Savant, Gladiator, Holy Orders Priest (any), Elemental Trust (any), Archeologist, Prophet, Crusader, Schools of 8 (any), Smuggler, Hoplite, Mason, Bard, Empath, Horseman, Paladin, Thresholder, Acrobat, Kinetic, Corsair, Ranger, Assassin, Telepath, Hero Warrior, Wild Mage, Spy, Knight, or Freewalker and have no limit to the levels they can attain. In addition, they may choose from the following multi-class options: Faith/Warrior, Faith/Warrior/Wizard, Faith/Wizard, Warrior/Wizard, Warrior/Rouge, Warrior/Wizard/Rouge, and Wizard/Rouge(rules for multi-classing are on PHB page 44). Multi-classed Warriors may be a Basic Warrior, Corsair or Horseman. Multi-classed Wizards may be of any Schools of 8, Wild Mage or any Elemental Trust class. Multi-classed Faiths may be any Adherent or Cultist class. Multi-classed Rouges may be a Thief, Acrobat or Smuggler.

Base Movement Rate: 12.

Languages: Amurians begin play knowing how to speak, read and write the language of their culture: Lemish for the Lemish culture or Laclon for the Norse culture.

  • Lemish Amurians may choose from the following additional languages: Aflin, Aluft, Dynast, Felio, Gwarn, Kinol, Lizzar, Norin Parse, Orcin, and Ossin Kinol.
  • Norse Amurians may choose from the following additional languages: Aflin, Aluft, Centauri, Fey, Gwarn, Jontish, Lemish, Nim, and Quantis.

Low-light Vision: An Amurian retains their normal visual range in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Aging Effects

Base Age Maximum Age
20+1d6 180+15d10
Middle Age: 100 Old Age: 150 Venerable: 200
Height Weight
Base 60(58) 110(85)
Variable +2d6 +3d12

Relations with other races: Though they live longer and perhaps feel they have a bit more patients, most races see no difference between Amurians and Murians. Amurians have excellent back and forth relations with every race accept some Murians and some elves. While their best inter-race relations are with the Nehéflian elves, Amurians have strained relations with all other elves at best. In general, other elves feel a sense of shame over the dilution of their blood into this new breed. The Aflin are cautious around Amurians. They don’t like to be too comfortable around them. This is not to say there are not cases of powerful friendships between members of these races but those are isolated cases and are not the norm. Amurians often attempt to mend ways with the Aflin because they feel a kinship with them. This is a practice the Aflin feel most frustrated with.

The Ald, Adar Aflin and Wial’dar simply do not deal with Amurians. They feel in no way related to these creatures and have no problem voicing their distain. They would rather deal with Murians, because at least they are of pure blood. Pure elves feel that if other elves would just stop breeding with them they would vanish into the pages of history. Amurians are quite justified feeling these elves are bigoted and similarly refuse to deal with them.

Depending on the culture in question, Amurians actually have the worst inter-race relations with Murians. Since the rise of Nor and fall of Pannu’gaia, there have been numerous attempts by different groups of Murians to wipe out the cross-race entirely. Many nations of pure blooded Murians have closed their borders to Amurians. The Church of Blood religion has become prominent in many nations due to hatred of Amurians. The religion’s faithful are heavily aligned against the intermingling of humans and elves, and do not tolerate them in areas where it controls the worshipers. This religion and many Murian cultures feel, if they do not safeguard their own purity, it will be they who will vanish into the pages of history. Not all Murians feel this way, evidenced by the fact that there is still a strong population of them in Amuria.


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