Lawful Good: Lawfully Good people firmly believe in the virtue of powerful and well defined government. They truly believe a highly structured society can improve the quality of and make more secure, the lives of the greatest number of their people. Justice is established to insure security and quality of life and so must be adhered to and enforced for this to be accomplished. Society flourishes when people heed laws and treat their neighbors as brothers. When laws are unjust or not adhered to, people turn from their brethren and society declines and falters. Lawful good heroes work within the law to bring the most pleasing order and morality to the largest number of people. When they must fight or go to war they believe complete unity in action among family and friends brings the quickest end to hostilities and causes the least impact to overall tranquility. They believe in the concept of right; that is, what is most true and good and is what they live their lives trying to exemplify. They must show temperance in all dealings for it is their ordained fate to triumph over wickedness. The conscience of such a person keeps them steeped in the knowledge that we are all imperfect vessels. They endeavor to deserve forgiveness for even unintended transgressions and venture to extend that opportunity to others. An honest hard-working serf, an enlightened, devoted monarch, or a staunch but fair and impartial judge, are examples of a lawful good being.

Lawful Neutral: Lawful Neutral heroes feel discipline and symmetry are the bedrock of society. The advances contributed by highly structured governments counterbalance any repercussions of their way of life. That is, unless they diverge from the fundamental maintenance of order. Under this alignment priority of maintaining a well-ordered society diminishes the import of the government’s form. They feel there are no grey areas pertaining to the letter of law or the determined code of punishment for breaking it. They feel the choice between democracy and authoritarianism is irrelevant for they are obliged to adhere to laws until they completely separate the governed from their life and liberty. It is their understanding that allegiances or systems too corrupt or pure fall naturally through their own endeavors. They feel a great sense of purpose when unifying against forces of diametrically opposed philosophy or force. Such heroes believe that unity of purpose and efforts to maintain that unity require instinctive words and deeds, unfettered by moral judgment. It is the natural order that judgment is the purview of leaders or authorities (like those in governments, guilds, and religions) and not the general population. On the other hand this belief structure should not upset an established order nor muddle the natural order. Each person or society is sovereign and retains the right to live as they will within the limits of law. People of this type believe nature is the most indispensable benefactor of harmony and will safeguard the innocent. An inquisitor determined to at any cost ferret out heretics or a soldier who blindly obeys immoral orders, are examples of lawful neutral beings.

Lawful Evil: People of this alignment believe the only true benefits of living in structured society and learning and following its laws is using them to enrich oneself and satisfy one’s own gratification. Exploitation of the nuances of complex systems serves to ennoble those who are fit to inevitably hold positions of power. The belief; this process sustains legitimacy for an overlord’s domination of peons. People such as these bolster governments and laws that enact policies enabling their interests and desires. That these laws cause others to languish in despair or pain is of little import to a being such as this. They abide by regulations only to avoid consequence and feel rules are only for those who lack understanding of society’s refinements. They make every effort to avoid swearing to agreements, pacts and bets because they might need to dignify such arrangements but they do often work in groups to achieve goals that would be otherwise unattainable. The answer to the question; “will such a being honor its word?” is “Can they evade responsibility utilizing subtly of the system under which they presently exist?” A stone hearted tyranny is a lawful evil society. That tyrant, a greedy merchant or banker, harsh taskmasters and serial killers are examples of lawful evil beings. Because there are nearly no positive aspects of a creature of this type, it could only be mistaken for something resembling a hero.

Neutral Good: If you are neutral good, you firmly believe that harmony between law and chaos can be achieved through united efforts against evil. Since vast and powerful creatures labor for nearly innumerable goals across the world, the quest of pure good and truth will not damage the equilibrium. People of this alignment cooperate with established nations if the outcome will be the ascendance of good. Conversely, if the fall of a nation, society or organization will bring greater good, it is what needs to be done. These beings feel the institution of society is not essential for it is the nature of things to regulate themselves. A neutral good hero aims to be an agent of change, bringing the oneness of peace and truth to the world. They must vanquish the evils they encounter for that evil would surely come for them. A person of this type cares not if chaos or order flourish for it matters only that neither stamp out the other. Neutral good heroes seek to reach parity between being pure and sincere. Armed with the knowledge that they are imperfect beings and so true innocence is unattainable, they pursue the immaculacy of their ethics and faultlessness in their scruples. Their concept of right differs from others, which is: virtuousness springs from the purity of truth without temperance. A pious monk, a soldier who disobeys an order and destroys something evil, or a revolutionary who topples a government not to lead it but for the betterment of its people; these are all examples of a neutral good hero.

True Neutral: True Neutral heroes lay all of their trust in what they call the true unifying force of the universe. This force balances all opposites together into the of principle oneness. For this reason they do not judge people or acts as good or evil, orderly or chaotic. In fact most neutrals refuse to judge at all, feeling that this practice is above their mortal station. This is the first factor that makes it seem that there are nearly no people of this type. Allies are extremely hard to trust for these people because they refuse to do things that ally their efforts to the philosophies or moralities. They most often undertake adventures under those circumstances in hopes of maintaining the equilibrium of forces and may find themselves in strange alliances. Siding with the likely loser is the most oft practice of the truly neutral, followed quickly by them turning to side with their former enemy should they have lost the upper hand. What force wins or loses is of less import than both forces remaining in a perceived balance. This aloofness of morality does not labor their psyches for most lack the capacity to make moral judgments and instead act instinctively.

True neutrals hold natural settings and nature in the highest esteem. They see it as the ultimate protector of balance and prefer to live in its innocent surroundings, another factor that contributes to their perceived rarity. They have little use for structured societies past amassing knowledge. They feel energy spent building such a society is wasted for eventually it will become unbalanced and fall under its own weight. Beings of this type understand the mortal need for community but feel it is no more important than tumult for fermenting progress. Obviously, heroes who are true neutral must spend a lot of time weighing their decisions, not to decide that would be good or evil but what is least likely to allow one force to utterly destroy its opposite. Above all they seek to bolster the true unifying force. Such heroes are indeed rare, though they do exist. They are just truly hard to find.

Neutral Evil: A creature of this type is unfettered by philosophy and completely lacking in positive morality. Fairly often the term pure evil is bandied about but it this case it is a truly fitting description. A neutral evil person’s thoughts are con-centered all in self. These are truly dangerous people and think only of what will benefit their own aims. They do not often actively seek to harm others but have no scrupulous quality that would forbid eliminating those who get in their way. While they are dishonest, greedy and secretive they do not seek to dominate or destroy. People of this type do not congregate together nor do they care to be leaders. This does not mean they see no value in working with others. It means they are just as comfortable with working and living alone. A neutral evil character picks the easiest path and never questions whether actions are within the law. Their morality affects the ability to trust others and so, does not prohibit betraying companions if the possible benefits outweigh the hindrances. Their personalities are deceptive, even unto themselves and may be the factor allowing them to feel no remorse for their wretched lifestyles. Their only allegiance is to themselves and what brings the greatest reward, whether it is gained through honorable acts or bribes. An assassin, a common sword for hire, and double agent, who gains from betraying his employer are all examples of neutral evil creatures.

Chaotic Good: People of this alignment find there is no place for them in organized society. They feel the only positive laws function to protect individual rights. More often than not society oppresses creativity, individualism and independence and places its own needs over those of its people. A chaotic good hero is highly individualistic and believes they are the only creators of their future. They are characterized by strong moral fiber and a penchant for kindness and generosity. They believe natural order is the freedom to pursue life and liberty as long as it does not infringe on another’s freedom to do the same. Their philosophy is; it is your personal duty to see to your own protection and justice. This holds all people accountable for their own actions and serves to ground them in the present. They believe bullies must be beaten and tyrants must be deposed but realize they too are flawed beings and will attempt to insure their judgment is not too harsh. Their ideal of right is; one finds one’s own truth and it is what you make of it. Pioneers and highlanders are the best examples of chaotic good characters.

Chaotic Neutral: The base philosophy of true chaotic neutrality is; do as you will. People of this type are pure pragmatists and their actions are as various as the winds. They believe that their lives are their own and there should be no consequences for any action. They feel that all people have natural rights but there are no inalienable rights. If you fail to defend your rights you are undeserving of them. Chaotic neutral people do not lack moral capacity but they feel morality is insignificant to the decision making process. Beyond the fact that they believe they have no individual destiny, they feel their lives are a string of random events and there is no order in anything. The most valued beliefs of the chaotic neutral person are their own freedom and liberty. It is important to realize; people of this type are not evil, nor are they good, they are purely chaotic. They live their lives on the edge, approaching every day as a new adventure and can most easily be described as irresponsible. A person of this alignment is a fierce friend but is hard to count on. They lead whimsical lives and may suddenly disappear without so much as a goodbye. It is equally as likely that they return at some later date as if not a day has past, as it is they are never seen again. This gives the briefest idea of how hard it is to be friends with a chaotic neutral person. That of course says nothing about how hard it is to play a hero of this type. Most systems will have you believe that a person of this type is insane, but that is truly not the case. Hippies and deadheads are the easiest comparison to a person of this alignment.

Chaotic Evil: A creature of this type is the most foul thing you can encounter. The particularities of this type of being’s personality are as various as the winds and any of the following statements may or may not pertain to any one of them. The most common descriptive terms for this type of person are; dishonest, greedy, secretive and dangerous. They think only of themselves and their own pleasure and enrichment. They will use any means necessary to achieve their goals, thinking nothing of the cost to others. They are truly cruel and may actively seek to harm and dominate others and to destroy. Chaotic evil people have their own concept of right which is; strength and ambition make truth. If they must lie, cheat, steal, kill or maim to further their own end, so be it. Unfortunate is the person who happens to be standing in a chaotic evil being’s way. It is normal for beings of this type to prefer to live their life outside of society but some of them actually plot its downfall. As chaotic personalities the bulk of them believe the idea of cosmic balance is nonsense, but nearly 5% of them believe. Those people actively strive to upset the balance and to bring about the end of the universe. In rare cases chaotic evil people may cooperate with each other, but this would only be to defeat some power they could not defeat alone. It requires great strength of will to lead this type of group and bend them to comply. The slightest sign of weakness or indecision will lead to that leader being deposed by a group member willing to chance taking him down. Goblins, orcs, monsters and bloodthirsty killers; are examples of chaotic evil creatures.

Non-Aligned Creatures: While the alignment combinations cover the range of human personalities, animals and monsters of low intelligence do not have the capacity to ponder moral of philosophical dilemma. Attempting to apply alignment to the actions of these creatures is a fruitless endeavor. Anything of this level of intelligence, be it animal or plant, can never be evil or good, nor can they be lawful or chaotic. They are simply wild animals or plants. Any attempt to discern the alignment of this type of creature will always show they are neutral on the morality axis with no reading on their philosophy.


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