New Elf Aflin Vanir Adaráflin Wylaflin

There are five branches of the elven race, most common being the New Elves, in addition there are the Aldar, the Aflin, the Adaráflin and the Wialdar. Elves tend to be a bit slimmer than most humans, and depending upon variety either taller or shorter, though Sylvan elves tend to be average human height. Only half-elves have facial hair.

Elves are generally not evil, with few exceptions such as the Dar. Most would be considered neutral as the world is seen more as a balance of good and evil, life and death. Often times they will lean towards being good, because of the caring of others and nature.

Elves are quite handsome and have a greater appreciation for nature’s beauty, dancing and singing. Their humor is clever, as well their song and poetry. Their spoken language sounds flowing as a melodic brook.

Their common drink is, unless a good Fey wine is available (sometimes even a poor one given the choice of ale) mead (preferably heated to a blood warm temperature). Drinking to excess is uncommon, although there are times when a bit of Fey wine or Dwarven spirits are misjudged. Ale is judged as a bitter beverage. However some have traveled so much with dwarven clans that a taste has been acquired in order to become a gracious acceptor of an offered mug.

Sometimes other races considered elves aloof, snooty and frivolous with personalities that are impossible to fathom. Perhaps because of their longevity, Elves have learned the benefits of patients before passing judgment and taking time before making judgments.

Although they do not make friends easily, elves consider oftentimes associates and friends as near equals. An elf-friend is a very close, dear and honorary title that is difficult to earn and given to those who are stoic, honorable and follow many elven ways. Likewise, an enemy of the elves is never forgotten, especially the evil ones of the woods.

All and all it becomes apparent why the elves have always endured throughout the years and are the most superior of races. With values, pure hearts, respect, honor and closely held blood ties, the elven race will continue far long after man has gone.


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