Heroes of Godsrage

Investigating Artiban 3b

11:30 PM: Caught in the Brush

A little after 11:PM Oswin and Dalhar decide to head back out to the Foaming Mug to aid their friends with the ambush they hope is coming. Dalhar simply walks out into the dark, while Oswin sneaks out so no one sees her. Outside Dalhar cant’t see very well but the light of the moons at least kept him on the road. As they walk past the second farm on the left Oswin notices that there is an entire family just sitting on their porch in complete darkness. If she did not have darkvision, she would not have even noticed them herself. After they pass the farm she tells Dalhar what she saw. They agree that this is strange but are not sure what to make of it.

The next house they pass on the right. There must be about 1000 candles and lanterns lit on this property. Every window of the little pink cottage is alight and the outside of the house is illuminated just as well as it would be in daylight. Once they reach the shadows of all that light, the group splits. Oswin goes off of the road to the left and sneaks through the bushes and underbrush, while Dalhar keeps to the road.

He continues on past the pig farm and comes to the path to the temple. As he is walking past it towards the bend in the road a tall female holding a lantern steps out from behind the trees lining the path to the temple. He presses on. Just then he hears a voice behind him and suddenly a huge hedge crops up all around. He is trapped between it and the path to the temple. He quickly draws his sword and begins to hack at the hedge.

Meanwhile, Oswin who was sneaking through the underbrush, is abruptly confronted with a tall hedge; which sprouts up right in front of her. It seems she will not be able to continue on her intended path so she instead crosses the road trying to find the end of the hedge. When she gets there she continues to follow it as it turns and continues on south. While she can still see the light on the other side, it is eerily quiet. She activates her shadow cloak ability and begins pushing her way through the hedge.

Back on the other side of the hedge, Dalhar hears the sound of many running feet behind him. He turns to confront whoever is behind him. In addition to the lantern bearing woman (who he now can identify as a Priestess of Ninurte by her dress), he sees the Priestess who he had talked to at the temple and four people bearing clubs; two men and two women. The club wielders rush towards him while one of the priestesses rushes up behind them. The lantern bearer tosses a stone toward him. It falls far short of him and he tries to shout an insult and suddenly notices that he can’t hear anything and he can make no noise.

The clubbers advance and all swing at him in turn, but their blows miss or bounce harmlessly off his armor. Dalhar swings at one of the men, the elder of the two, but he his blow goes wide as the priestess continues her slow advance. The clubbers each swing again and the young male manages to connect. Infuriated, Dalhar swings his sword once at the old man, cleaving him nearly in twain; and once at the young man, but he misses. The running priestess steps in and slams Dalhar with her mace. The remaining clubbers again swing wildly as does Dalhar. Oswin’s head isn’t even noticed as it pops out of the hedge. The lantern bearing priestess stoops down to pick up the rock she tossed and the other casts a spell. Both Dalhar and Oswin can now hear but are frozen in place.

The priestess and the clubbers take the ridged bodies of Dalhar and Oswin back to the temple and send the gardeners out to cut down the hedge. The party members are searched and dragged down into the tunnels below the temple. They are locked into what could best be described as a makeshift prison cell, complete with a stout iron door and four Troglodytes to guard it.


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