Heroes of Godsrage

The Road to Stalton’s Moor (Detour)

From Greenglenn to Artiban?

When the party makes it back to the road with Clarissa and Druno’s body, they see that Robert Grunwald and his guards have managed to right the cart. While they are loading the body of their fallen comrade Druno onto the cart something falls out of his pack. It is a large ornate scroll case which has strange ruins inscribed on it. The case is made of precious metal and is sealed with wax but they have no way of deciphering the strange script.

Though the merchant’s horses are dead, Dalhar is more than strong enough to get the cart, the merchant and his daughter back on the road and to Greenglenn. The remainder of the trip is uneventful and they are making their way past the town’s guard tower before the end of the day. Robert tries to reward the party with what remaining cash he has but they refuse, saying that rescuing his daughter was not something they did because he offered a reward. They would not take his money, so he procured lodging for them while they remain in the town.

Zemic took Druno’s body to the local temple (A Holy Orders temple dedicated to Aaroth and Cepheus). The priests there knew little about the burial rituals of the Hearthgard religion, so Zemic instead paid for the priests to preserve his body for the trip back to RocÉmingrad.

In an attempt to decipher the mysterious ruins on Druno’s scroll case, the group goes to the local brewery next. Several of the townsfolk have pointed to the brewery as the residence of the only dwarf in town. They have a small chat with the dwarf’s Halfling partner before meeting him. He identifies the language as Primus Emin Norin Hiero but admits that he cannot read it. He tells them they would need a highly placed Hearthnal shaman, Mountain Dwarf or one of the Future Tellers to read that language. Perhaps the more valuable piece of information they gain from him is that the nature of the scroll case makes its contents seem very important. He speculates the contents are probably a communique between the hierarchy of the Hearthnal or a decree from the high theign of RocÉmingrad himself, though he would have no idea to who or where the message was bound.

While walking through the town square, Oswin spots several bills posted. One which is hung is several places is a plea for brave souls to come to the village of Artiban and sort out the mysterious problems plaguing the village. While this seems like something they would not be interested in, the bill is signed from the mayor of the village himself and the reward offered is 100 gp per person.

This seems like a hefty sum for just sorting out some problems, so the party goes around trying to find out what if anything the people of Greenglenn might know about this mystery. Each bit of information they gather seems more fantastic than the next and worse yet, none of the rumors seem to be tied to any of the others. Missing sheep and shepherds, secret stone circles, black unicorn, vampires and missing townsfolk are just the tip of the iceberg. While they do not seem interested in the mystery, the promise of loot seems too much to pass up. They decide they will check it out the next morning.

When morning comes, their friends who were trailing them finally catch up. They discuss Artiban and agree that the money might well be worth any delay in their trip to Stalton’s Moor. Also when their other dwarf friend Anrak finds out about Druno, he instructs them on the proper burial rights for a norn of his status. Zemic decides to stay behind and catch up with his friends when funeral games are completed. Zemic also bows to Anrak’s expertise on the nature of all things norin and relinquishes possession of the scroll case, glad to be rid of it.

After brief goodbyes to their friends, Oswin, Anrak, Joshua and Dalhar head off for Artiban.


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