Heroes of Godsrage

Investigating Artiban 3c

2:AM at the Foaming Mug

It is around 2:AM when Anrak starts to hear noises outside the Inn. Several sets of footfalls are apparent. Then there is whispering, “shouldn’t we wait for the others?” “they’re late! Besides it’s only two of them, we can handle this.” “But one of them is a priest of Enkath and the other is one of those catpeople?” “I’m going in.”

Anrak ducks behind the remains of the bar and hears the first footfalls inside the Inn. A voice rings out, “I don’t see anyone in here.” And another from outside, “we saw them go in, they must be here somewhere.” Another set of footfalls can be heard inside the Inn. Even Joshua downstairs knows this. A third voice sounds, “Go check the kitchen, I’ll wait by the door.”

Joshua is kept from worrying too much about what is going on upstairs because the outside doors to the basement open. He sees a troglodyte enter the building cautiously. It delays a moment and then heads for the stairs to the kitchen as a second trog comes in from outside. This one checks the other room before it starts following the other. He pauses for a moment and raises a nostril. He lets out a roar, looks right at Joshua and both trogs rush his barricade.

Back upstairs, Anrak sees one man run past the bar into the kitchen door. They all hear the roar from the basement. One of the men shouts out, they are in the basement and another man runs toward the kitchen. Anrak jumps out from behind the bar at this point. He swings with his trident at one of the young men and takes him down. Downstairs, the trogs rip away Joshua’s barricade.

Anrak sees the second young man come running back out of the kitchen and turns to the hulking blacksmith in the door way. He says, “if the two of you don’t give up I am going to kill your other son as well.” With that the blacksmith steps forward, swings his hammer and lands a resounding blow on Anrak. Both trogs try to rake Joshua with their claws but only one manages to land their hit. The second young man swings his shortsword at Anrak but misses but Anrak doesn’t miss him with his trident, and he falls to the floor dead. Joshua jabs his shortsword into one of the trogs but it remains standing.

Anrak takes a swing at the blacksmith intending to incapacitate him but misses and the blacksmith misses back. Both trogs again swing their claws at Joshua and again only one slashes him. Joshua on the other hand lands another blow and that troglodyte is dead. Anrak hits the blacksmith with his next blow and even though he intended only to subdue, he realizes that the blacksmith is only clinging to life. The remaining trog misses and Joshua lands a resounding blow which severs the beast’s right arm and kills it instantly. Anrak is forced to heal the blacksmith to keep him from dying, hoping to have a prisoner to interrogate later.

They take all the bodies and put them in the basement. Tie up the blacksmith and put him in the empty room and barricade the door. They decide to go and check out the blacksmith’s house; which is across the courtyard, when they notice three figures rounding the trees at the end of the yard. They duck to either side of the doorway hoping to stay out of sight. The three figures make their way to the backsmith’s house and go into his shop. Joshua can still see inside and after they knock a few times, two of them go inside the house. While that is happening, Anrack notices a set of glowing eyes watching him from the bushes at the other side of the yard and identifies the creature as some sort of weasel.

While the men are inside the blacksmith’s place, Joshua and Anrak decide to sneak across the courtyard and ambush them. Neither of them know exactly who wasn’t sneaking properly but the man standing in the shop yells, “it’s them!” and starts bolting back toward the road and the sounds of breaking windows comes from the back of the house. Joshua pursues the one trying to get away, as Anrak rounds the left side of the house.

Joshua follows his quarry onto the road as he heads for the bridge. Anrak rounds the house to see the one of the men running up behind Joshua and another running towards the river. He yells to Joshua about his pursuer and follows the other to the water. The first runner crosses the bridge but Joshua is on him. He drops his bow and leaps, catching the man with his claws. He is dead. Anrak pursues his man across the river.

Joshua quickly checks his man to find he is holding little more than a knife and he hears footfalls on the bridge behind him. Anrak realizes he will not be able to catch the man he is following and casts Faerie Fire on him. Joshua wheels around to see a second man armed with a dagger bearing down on him. The man swings wildly with it and doesn’t manage to connect. Joshua pulls his punch but connects, knocking the man out cold. Meanwhile, Anrak keeps running and starts shouting at the top of his lungs that there is a man who tried to kill him trying to get away.

Joshua hears his friend’s shouts but cannot see where he is so he drags his captive and his dead back to the Inn. Anrack keep up his pursuit all the way to the dock behind the mayor’s house, where the man jumps into the lake and starts swimming for the other side. Lights come on in the mayor’s house and the mayor and another man (who Anrak has never seen before) come out armed for battle. Anrak throws his trident at the fleeing enemy and hits him, but this only slows him for a moment. The trident sinks to the bottom of the lake and a minute later the glowing man exits the other side of the lake and disappears into the woods.

The mayor accompanies Anrak back to the Inn. Down in the basement, he identifies all of the dead and captured men. Two of the dead are the blacksmith’s sons and the other one Joshua got on the bridge is named Jake, who is a farmer from one of the outlying farms. The hulking prisoner is the blacksmith and the other is a man named Paul, who is also a farmer but from a different outlying farm. The discussion of what to do with the prisoners comes down to; they have no other choice but to keep them where they are. They mayor returns to his residence and Joshua and Anrak are forced to spend a sleepless night in the basement of the Foaming Mug with 5 dead bodies and two prisoners.


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