Heroes of Godsrage

Investigating Artiban 3

Splitting the Party

Anrak takes the corpse of the troglodyte and drags it straight back to the Sanctuary of Ninurte. He goes through the bushes and trees to the right of the inn’s door and comes out the other side right in front of a sizable pig pen. Between the choice of going through the slop and around the house he chooses the cleaner option. As he rounds the farmhouse he comes face to face with a young boy who spins on his heels and goes running into the house, shouting something about strangers (or was that trespassers). Anrak, not to be deterred, keeps on trucking toward the temple and is already out of the yard when the pig farmer comes out of the house and starts shouting at him.

Oswin and Joshua round the husk of the Inn and see Anrak dragging the corpse up the hill to the temple and the pig farmer (who has a loaded crossbow hidden behind his back) shouting obscenities at their friend. Oswin greets him friendlily but he is surprised by their approach. He turns toward them and levels his bow. They try to talk to him about what they have found but he seems uninterested in talking to strangers and more than a bit scared. They get no information from him as he is unwilling to talk about anything other than them getting off his land.

Meanwhile, Anrak has reached the Sactuary with the corpse. He again calls into the temple and the same priestess comes out to meet him. She identifies the body as a troglodyte and admits that it is really unspectacular to find a few of them in or around the town. Though she must admit, it has been quite some time since one was spotted that far into the middle of town. Anrak is unhappy with the answers he is given but as the day is getting long he figures he can try talking to the mayor again to see what he says. Around this time on the other side of town, Dalhar is feeling much recovered. He drops his friend off in his room at the Slumbering Serpent and goes to rejoin his friends.

Oswin and Joshua agree on talking to another neighbor. Since the blacksmith’s shop is in the closest proximity and within eyeshot of the old inn, they will question him next. As they approach the shop they see that the blacksmith is working late into the day. He and two older boys (who they assume are his sons) are working on what looks like a shovelhead. When he notices them, the blacksmith seems perturbed by their presence. They ask him questions but get nothing but insults and off-hand comments for answers. Rather than stand here and continue to be ridiculed. They decide to walk away. They then notice Anrak walking toward the center of town, still dragging the corpse.

They catch up with him just before he crosses the bridge. They all share their information while standing in the middle of the street. They start discussing what their next move should be. Anrak is set on dragging this troglodyte right to the mayor’s doorstep, but the other two dissuade him with a reminder that their deal with the mayor included not making it known they were working for him.

This is where Dalhar finds them. Together the four of them decide they should indeed go and see the mayor again and at least give him an update. Anrak also thinks they should go see the hermit, to which there are mixed responses. It is agreed that Dalhar, Joshua and Oswin will go talk to the mayor while Anrak returns to the hermit’s grove. They will simply leave the troglodyte’s corpse on the side of the road for all to see (though there was some discussion of stringing it up to a tree to make it more visible).

At the mayor’s house, the trio finds that the mayor also feels the troglodytes being in the abandoned basement is unspectacular but he is not willing to rule it out as related to the problem. Similarly, he is unsurprised by behavior of the pig farmer and the blacksmith (as he had mentioned the blacksmith on his possible people to watch and would also have been upset if someone dragging a troglodyte had run up behind his young son). Though, after again talking to the party he adds the town constable as another person of interest. He reaffirms his suspicion of the priestesses, and balks at their assertions that the malady affecting the townsfolk is temporary and that there is some sort of crop plague affecting the area.

Again Meanwhile… Anrak was still feeling a slight tingle in his head, so on his way to the hermit he stopped at the Slumbering Serpent for a drink to even himself out. He heads back into the grove and finds the old man still sitting in the same place. He starts to tell the hermit about what has transpired since they last met, when the hermit simply starts blurting out the events before Anrak can get them out of his mouth. Then the hermit says, “If you sent someone out to kill a dragon and they returned with its finger nail clippings would you feel that they had proven their worth?” Anrak started to say,”but,” when the hermit again spoke, “is it beyond the realm of possibility that someone might sacrifice their least important part to seem above suspicion?”Anrak said nothing. He simply turned around, walked back out of the grove and headed back to find his friends.

They all met up in the middle of the street again, this time in the intersection just outside the village store. While Oswin is hoping to get them all back to the Slumbering Serpent for dinner, so she can do some poking around on her own. Joshua and Anrak hatch a plan that they should all hold up in the Foaming Mug for the night. This basically spoils Oswin’s plan, besides eating rations while she is within a quick walk of a kitchen seems silly. So the plan is set, they will split the party. Oswin and Dalhar will return to the Slumbering Serpent and Anrak and Joshua will stake out the Foaming Mug.

Joshua camouflages himself in the basement, while Anrak waits in the first floor common room…


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