Heroes of Godsrage

Investigating Artiban 2

Down Down the Stairs…

Anrak awakens to a splitting headache and news that his friends have already left to investigate the town without him. He cannot recall the last time he had so misjudged outlander drinks. He talks with Olwin, the owner of the inn and finds out that his friends had headed out to talk to the hermit that resides in the grove across the street. He figures that considering the size of the village, he should be able to catch up to them regardless. So he crosses the road and delves into the grove of stately elms on the other side.

It is perhaps only 1 minute into talking to this old grizzled man that he regrets coming here. The man is less than helpful and outright challenges the dwarf to be of some use before he comes asking for answers from the “wisest man in town.” But at least he finds out that his friends were headed off in the direction of the Sanctuary of Ninurte (one of the other places they had decided to investigate the night before).

When he reaches the temple he finds a shocking sight. The characteristic great tree at the center of the sanctuary seems to be withering and the surrounding garden is unkempt and wild. He spots a gardener walking lazily about the grounds. Not wishing to relinquish his weapons just yet, he calls into the sanctuary hoping someone will instead come to the door. A minute later he is greeted by what he assumes is the head priestess of the temple. They discuss the goings on in the town and the sad state of the temple itself. Before parting he asks her about his friends. She says she had advised them to investigate the ruins of the Foaming Mug Inn and that they had headed off in that direction. He takes his leave of the priestess and the sanctuary and continues on, trying to catch up with his friends.

He walks back down the hill and after passing a farm stumbles upon a rundown building. He spies his friend Joshua through one of the holes in its roof. Not wanting to attract any undo attention to himself, he picks up a rock and hurls it at the building, hoping to throw it through the hole and attract the attention of his friend. His throw is off and instead hits the side of the building. Because the building itself is in such a state of disrepair, the rock goes right through the wall. Inside the building, all Joshua sees is a rock erupt out of the wall and fly straight at his face. He bolts the room telling his friend investigating the other side of the hallway that the building itself seems to be attacking him. He runs downstairs to inform the remainder of the group what he suspects as his friend (half-elf gladiator) goes to check on the room.

Meanwhile back on the road, Anrak sees his friend disappear and moments later return (he does not relize this is not the same person). He hefts another rock hoping for better results. His aim is much better this time and the rock sails through the window of the room. (Half-elf gladiator) sees the rock fly in, looks out the window and sees the dwarf standing on the street looking up at him. These two have never met before (at least not while either was sober) and after a brief verbal altercation later they challenge one another to meet at the door of the inn so they can settle their differences. (Half-elf Gladiator) bounded down the stairs to confront this dwarf at the door. One of the stairs broke under his weight and this is when really odd things started happening all at once.

Back downstairs in the kitchen, Dalhar was investigating the trapdoor to the basement. Sticking his head through the doorway, he had smelled something funny. Suddenly he became sick to his stomach and began vomiting. He lost his balance and fell down into the basement. He slammed his head on several of the stairs and landed at the bottom, out cold. Joshua and Oswin rushed into the kitchen to find out what had happened to their friend and just as they reached the kitchen they heard another noise. This time, it was from above them. It sounded eerily similar to what had just been made by Dalhar’s less than graceful descent into the basement. When Joshua came back out to investigate, he found Anrak standing in the doorway and (Half-Elf Gladiator) out cold at the bottom of the stairs.

After a brief discussion of what had just transpired, they decided to extract their friends from their landing spots and bring them outside before anything else could befall them. The Half-elf was easy enough but Dalhar’s massive form ended up being a little too much for Anrak to manage. He tumbled back down the stairs, again landing on the basement floor. They did eventually get him outside.

Anrak went back into the basement to figure out exactly what had affected Dalhar. The room that he descended into was bare. The only things in the room seemed to be two doors on the far side and a feted stench. He opened the door on the left. This room had a few small crates and barrels in it. He opened one of the crate and was met by the smell of rotting meat and a swarm of flies. He chose not to open the remaining crates and barrels and instead when back out to open the door on the right.

He opened the door and was met by a large lizard type creature who hurled itself at him. It must have misjudged his position and missed. Suddenly, Anrak was hit hard in the face by the door and pushed back into the large room. When he again looked ahead he saw two lizard-like creatures advancing on him through the door. He hefted his trident and engaged them. At the sounds of battle from below Joshua and Oswin come down into the basement to help their friend. They both got sick once they reached the floor. Anrak was alone in the fight for now but he held his own even as a third creature came through the doorway. The troglodytes seemed to be a bit disorganized and couldn’t manage a good offense. He dropped one while both of his friends were sick and another after Joshua came up to dispatch the third.

Once the fight was over they checked the room where the trogs had made their lair. They found a set of doors that led to the outside and some coin and jewelry. But, nothing here seemed to further their investigation into the happenings in the town. Their friends regained consciousness but were still too out of it to walk unaided. Dalhar and the half-elf chose to help each other walk back to the Slumbering Serpent so their friends could continue snooping around.

They were quite confused about how none of the surrounding neighbors had noticed the comings and goings of these beasties. Oswin and Joshua figured they would inquire next door. Anrak chose instead to drag the corpse of one of the trogs straight back to the Ninurtian Sanctuary.


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