The Heroes of Godsrage campaign and the world of Cyrus are homebrews of my own imagination. In saying that I must admit, it is an allegory of our own world. Also and more importantly, I have borrowed ideas from many sources during their creation process, including but not limited to: geometry, modules from both DnD and ADnD, real world history, JRR Tolkien, earthly geography, Dragonslance, the mythologies of many cultures, Darksun, the theories of Pythagoras, the Known World/Blackmoor, Manly P Hall, the Forgotten Realms, Star Wars, Dune, Through the Looking Glass, the Oz Chronicles, A Wrinkle in Time, various internet sources, and several of my good friends including; Allen McFarlane, Phil Magda, and Christopher Madyun.

The Heroes of Godsrage

There are 86 years remaining in the age of the twelfth sun. The world of Cyrus stands at the brink of a new age. Prophecies from throughout history point to end of the current age (known as the Age of Destiny) as a turning point for the world. Religions, governments, public entities and secret societies are moving their pawns into the positions they feel will allow them to control the world in the age to come. This is a time of unending opportunity for adventure. What side will you choose? Will you be a hero, a villain, or are you just out to line your own pockets? Are you prepared to follow the path of your convictions, or will you run and hide if the going gets too tough or the truth becomes something more than you are willing to believe.

This campaign will begin in the Earldom of Stalton in a nation known as Khazaars, but it may take you many places throughout the world if you so choose…

It is nearly midsummer’s eve. Only 4 years have passed since the disastrous end of the fourth Holy Crusade. The world is in religious turmoil and ancient societies are crumbling. There are random attacks everywhere and adventurers are in high demand.

On your way to investigate a recent attack on the capitol city of Stalton’s Moor, you have gotten wind of mysterious troubles in the remote village of Artiban and have decided to make a detour.

The Village of Artiban

Heroes of Godsrage

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